Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

     I was terribly afraid that being alone, far away from our families and friends would actually mean ...not much of a Christmas this year, but I am happy to report that I was wrong. Sure,  it wasn't the same, it couldn't be, we were missing our loved ones quite a bit, the weather here is in the 25 degrees Celsius with plenty of sunshine and we had a plastic tree, but in the end it was cosy, sparkly and truly joyful!

     We shared a few lovely gifts of our own, we received some from our  families as well, there were home-made cookies involved, so I was particularly happy,  we laughed and hugged and cried happy tears!

     Later in the evening we went for a dinner with some of our friends here in Abu Dhabi, there were Romanian dishes prepared, salata de vinete, oua umplute, chiftele, sarmale...let's just say I was pretty close to rolling on my way back home...  :)

     So Christmas was a lovely thing, I felt happy and grateful for everything that we have and all that we've been blessed with, and most especially for my husband, who is the most wonderful person I know and continues to amaze me and surprise me all the time, he makes me laugh like no other and understands everything about me before I understand myself.  Happy Holidays everyone, wherever you may be!  :)

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