Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas wishes

     Living in a country where winter translates to 25 degrees Celsius temperature doesn't exactly help inspire Christmassy feelings... That may be the reason my house is still not decorated or why I had no thoughts about putting together a Christmas wish-list type of thing.

     Then there is also the fact that I am in my last month of pregnancy and this little babe already took over my entire existence... I constantly have her and her needs on my mind.

     I tried to make a quick effort and put together a couple of things that I found fitting as gifts for myself this Christmas, but I must confess... My husband and I have already agreed to a month-long stocking-stuffer kind of gift. This can be incredibly hard, especially when you have to stick to a smaller budget. It definitely made things interesting so far... Not going to mention all, but there were tuna cans, Where's Wally books, socks, car air freshers, lip stick, a cookbook and a Nutella jar involved...  :)

     Here's the little board I've put together.

1. A roll-up beauty case , which I can use for my hospital bag soon enough...
2. I am missing my Starbucks Chai Latte terribly as they don't have it here in the UAE, so maybe this could help till I get to the real thing back in Europe
3. I don't care much about the brand, as I don't normally wear a lot of make-up, but this pink shade of lipstick would sure cheer me up
4. This doesn't really need a link, you can find these disposable cameras everywhere...
5. I once got this as a present and I was hooked, problem is I can no longer find it at our local Waitrose...
6. I am a huge fan of kitchen gadgets, so this  zester/cheese grater is an absolute necessity 
7. These Italian Christmas deserts made their way pretty much everywhere and there is none better that this one
8. I still haven't noticed travel versions of perfumes at our local Sephora shops, but I know they are out there
9. I wish I could have come up with a round number, but this is the last one on my list! Would love to make some fondue or chocolate covered fruits using one of these things

     So there you have it! My quick wish list for the holidays! I do however wish more than anything,  that everyone spends joyful, happy holidays with their loved ones, in good health and surrounded by love and light!

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