Thursday, December 4, 2014

In the desert

     Having the opportunity to live so near to the desert is such a great experience for us. The first sight of the sand dunes as you are approaching from the highway is so impressive. Then you make a left on a dusty road with a distinct 'middle of nowhere' feeling, only sand left and right. If you are lucky, like we were the last time we went there, you will see the heard of camels from a nearby farm, just slowly making their way home. They are such amazing creatures...always seem so kind and calm.

     20 minutes later you arrive at the Arabian Nights Village camp and from the warm greeting you receive you already know you are in for a treat... The daytime safari includes a range of activities: dune bashing, a visit to a local camel farm, sand surfing, henna painting, open-air dinner buffet and a beautiful belly dancing show. The entire experience is so worth it, I don't even know how else to recommend it to everyone I know, especially the guests that are visiting us here in Abu Dhabi.

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