Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The end!

     I can't believe 2014 has come to an end! It just doesn't feel like it yet... If I had to describe this year in one word, that would be balance. The way it started and the way it ends have such a symmetry that it just cannot be unnoticed.

    It was definitely a full year and there were many lessons to be learned. We learned about ourselves and our most basic needs, about commitment to one another and to the things we set out to do, about the value of time, prioritizing and looking at the bigger picture, about the importance of family and friends and their presence or absence in our lives,  about finding gratefulness and appreciation in the small stuff that usually go unnoticed. We learned about the world, the different people that live in it, some good and some not so good, we learned about giving back and trying to find purpose in our existence, about healing, the power of words, cherishing each other and the way love can grow.

     2014 brought us some challenges, but also the best reasons to be happy about. The most important gifts that we have received this year are a healthy pregnancy and this baby girl we are excitedly waiting to meet sometimes in the next 2 weeks. This will forever be the most relevant fact of 2014. This is why we cannot end it any other way but smiling with our hearts full of joy, looking forward to whatever 2015 has prepared for us. We are ready! Bring it on!  :)

Happy New Year, friends!  

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