Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pregnancy talk


    This is probably going to be my last 'pregnancy talk' post, meaning it is going to be looooong long. It feels surprisingly bittersweet. Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely overjoyed at the thought that in approximately 1 week I will finally meet our little cookie, but I had a really good pregnancy. So far, things were pretty easy. I even loved my bump, stretchmarks and all...

     I am 39 weeks yesterday, but let me rewind a bit to tell you how things have evolved since my 32nd week. Baby is developing really well and everything seems to be comfy and good for her in my belly. Every other test we made at our Dr. office came out very good. There are no indications of any sort of possible complications, baby is positioned right and 'things' are starting to prepare for the grand finale, (been getting crazy long Braxton Hicks these last few days). Knowing that I have managed to carry her to full term, without any difficulties, makes me feel so happy and blessed.

    Don't know if it was my stubbornness or what, but I did not want to  behave like a sick person, despite my expanding mid-section and I think I managed pretty well. We've had two rounds of guests at our house and even though I took things really slow and didn't do much at home for them (ahem...pregnant lady over here), we did go out showing them around quite a bit. I definitely thought it would be much harder for me than it was, but I am still doing OK today with all the mall hopping, walking and driving around. Not an issue at all.  :)

    My husband and I went to the antenatal class together which was again, reassuring as far as our choice of hospital goes, it was also interesting to see the similarities with the other parents-to-be that were present and it was funny as well, since we all had some amusing questions and stories to share... The most I got out of it was a much deeper appreciation for the hospital staff, particularly the midwives and nurses on the labor and delivery floor. I find that the only way one can practice such a job is with a lot of passion and dedication. Their patience, kindness and support seems beyond limit and I could not be happier or more at peace with our situation.

     We also met with a Doula, which was another revelatory moment for us. She was so nice, shared so much information with us, gave us a few good pointers and suggestions, really listened to our story and approved of our birth preferences.  As much as I know that such support can be extremely helpful, everything went to a halt, when she told us that her services do not involve her presence at our home at the time of labor (due to Abu Dhabi laws that forbid home deliveries, in case of such an occurrence). For me, that was basically the most important aspect of employing the services of a Doula, as I really wish to be able to stay in the comfort of our home for the most part of this experience.  I assumed that her presence would bring me the reassurance and encouragement I would need in order to remain calm and focused. Once this seemed to be out of the question, I found that such services would no longer be necessary for us.

     The one good thing that resulted from our meeting with a Doula, was the trust I gained in my own knowledge, strength and capability. I can totally do this!  ;)

     Another important thing that I kept postponing also found it's resolution... We have finally found a photographer for our maternity photo-shoot!  It was a really nice experience, which we will definitely have to repeat.We are going to receive our pictures the next days and I will certainly share a few with you here. But I could not be more excited about the results!

     Speaking of photography, we also booked the very expensive, but hopefully totally worth it newborn photographer, for when our baby girl will show up.  I know this kind of stuff may not seem important to most people, but I find that with the fast passing of time, being able to look back at those key moments in life makes such a huge difference. This being our first child and all, I just didn't want to regret not investing in these little keepsakes. I did have to promise my husband that I will do my best to learn as much as I can about this type of photography and do it myself for any future children we may have. We'll see how that will go...   :D :D :D

    On a not so positive note, around week 36, our Dr. announced that she was moving to Dubai, keeping her practice at the clinic, but still, in the event of our baby coming outside of her office hours will not be able to attend our delivery.  Pow!!...Booooom!!!....Baaaaang!!!

    Just kidding, I actually did not worry about this at all! I did however agreed with her that I will try to see another Dr. at the hospital where we would like to deliver. I mean, as I said, I trust the midwives and nurses at our hospital so much, they know what they are doing and we'll definitely be in good hands. And as much as I would prefer not to have a complete stranger between my legs when the delivery time comes, the change in Dr. didn't really bother me all that much.  Everything is good!

   One thing I feel a bit disappointed about is my diet... Especially the last few weeks, I have been having a lot of sweets,  not really eating regular, proper meals and no juicing at all.... I am really hoping once the baby comes I can straighten this wrong, although I am aware of how hard it will be.

    Baby's corner in our bedroom is pretty much all set, all I still need to do is wash her crib sheets. I have already washed all of her teeny-tiny pink clothes (that was fun), all the towels, blankets and muslin sheets...everything is nicely stored and organized in her drawers, waiting to be used...

     We also stocked up on size 1 diapers and sensitive baby wipes, got almost all of the little things that we will be using, like baby shampoo and lotion, baby scissor and file, thermometer, a couple of pacifiers, room humidifier, etc. etc. And then New Year's sales happened and I got a breast pump, bottle sterilizer, bottle warmer and let's admit it...a few extra baby clothes made their way home with me as well...

     Around week 38 I finally packed my hospital bag(s).  I am pretty sure we over-packed (don't all first time parents do?), but after long consideration I decided to go with the 'better safe than sorry' philosophy.  I can foresee a post about the stuff we brought along to the hospital and the ones we actually used...stay tuned if you are interested!   :)

     The Holidays came and went, we actually had a really lovely time with some of our friends as well as just us two for the last time ever. And right now I have the most surreal feeling of being only a week, or two away from holding baby in my arms. Are we ready? Did I prepare enough? Am I felling the right way? Is there a way I should be feeling?... Am I feeling too good for someone about to pop out a human?! Yeah...writing some of these stuff down even makes me realize how silly it all sounds, but I also think that after 9 months of only having this baby on my mind, finding myself at the finish line has to be at least a little bit overwhelming.

    Lastly, thank God my mother is almost on her way! I am so grateful she is able to stay with us for a longer period of time, as I most certainly need her by my side.  I'm sure her presence here will be an invaluable aid for us and most especially for my sanity, as I have heard the first few weeks with a newborn can be quite rough (especially if baby girl takes after me, sorry mom!). Plus, let's be honest, ain't nobody going to spoil us better than my mommy!  ;)

     That's about all I can think of sharing in this post right now, but I will get back to it if I remember anything else... So here we are...at the finish line... Playing the waiting game... Excitement is high, our patience is stretched to the max and all I can think of is keeping my eyes on the prize...

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