Saturday, January 31, 2015

Taking stock 04

Making : plans for our time in Europe
Cooking : ...more like eating all the good stuff my mom is spoiling us with
Drinking : water...breastfeeding makes thiiiiirsty!
Reading: baby care books and websites. I don't know anything!
Wanting: to get a back massage
Looking: pretty well rested... NOT!
Wasting: baby wipes  :D
Wishing: time to slow down
Enjoying: having my mom here with us
Waiting: to receive the pictures from our newborn photo session
Liking: the perfect weather we have right now in Abu Dhabi
Wondering: why is time passing so fast?!?
Loving: my perfect little family
Hoping: those stretchmarks will eventually fade away...
Marveling: at the beautiful little creature I brought into this world
Smelling: my baby's head
Wearing: my breastfeeding bras...all the time!  :/
Noticing: every new development our baby makes
Knowing:  a little more each day, about being a mom
Thinking: I am so blessed
Feeling: in love with our baby girl
Giggling: at the funny faces baby makes
Feeling: so happy!

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