Saturday, March 21, 2015

Newborn Photo Session

     I never got around to sharing our newborn photo session. (Remember us booking that expensive photographer? Worth every dirham!!). Our baby Nalia was 2 weeks old, teeny-tiny and cute as can be. The entire session lasted 3 hours and resulted in around 45 shots with several different backgrounds and props. It was fascinating to see Jillian and her assistant Catherine at work. They were so professional and most especially caring.  No one could do this with such dedication unless they were really passionate about photography and crazy about babies. I am so happy we did it, as I know it will be the most amazing memory to hold on to!

     Here are some of the pictures, by Jillian Greenhill Photography.  :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Another outing...Same place!

     I mentioned before how much we enjoyed spending time outside, in the JBR The Walk area... because it's awesome and well, you can walk! This is something you come to appreciate when living in the UAE, as summertime here translates into crazy high temperatures that last for a good 3-4 months  and only allow us to spend time at the mall... So yeah, being in the open air, having great food (and ice cream), people-watching and enjoying the sea breeze it's all a great way to spend the weekend! (did I mention the cool baby changing/breastfeeding areas?)

     This was quite a windy day, a couple of weeks ago, but we were determined not to let it bother us too much...

Monday, March 16, 2015

5/52, 6/52, 7/52, 8/52, 9/52, 10/52

      Well... I totally didn't keep up with this 52 photo project... so here is a quick catch-up:

 Some of the last days spent with my mom here in Abu Dhabi, both baby and I concluded that she is pretty awesome and we miss her a lot!
 She smiles a lot and it's making me so happy!
 This little finger is always pointing out when I feed her. I think it's the cutest thing ever!  :)
 She is such a good baby, making it quite easy for us to be her mommy and daddy!
 Still didn't officially start working out...but we did go on the Yas Marina Circuit track once... Hey, at least we took pictures!  :D
 We are using the Sleep Baby Sleep! app for the white noise aka the magic that will make our baby relax in an instant. I highly recommend it to any parents when all else fails to calm your baby down. Our favorite is the vacuum cleaner sound, but you can choose from running water, hair dryer or womb sounds... It really works!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

'Gogosi' - Recipe

        Hi friends! Now, you all know that I am by no means an extraordinary cook, nor am I that great with taking food pictures, so please be understanding for what is about to follow...

     A recipe! :D   Yup, you got that right! Here you have a recipe for doughnuts, straight from my mom and with a little bit of advice from my dear grandma! It's something relatively simple, but I am warning you, it does take a little bit of muscle. Of course, you can always use a mixer, but I think the breaking a sweat before actually eating these, counteracts all those scary calories...  :D

         You only need a few ingredients to make this deliciousness...

500gr. sieved flour
1 tbsp dry yeast
1 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
2 egg yolks
250 ml milk+water 

          Mix the dry ingredients in a big bowl, slightly warm up the milk+water, then add it and the eggs to the dry ingredients. Then start kneading the dough. Add a little bit more lukewarm water if it is still too dry. And then keep on kneading. A little more. A little more. Nope, still needs kneading. Is your hand about to fall off? Not done yet...keep doing it until you notice the dough separates from the bowl and it starts to form air bubbles on the surface.  It should look something like this:

       For the fun part of the recipe, bundle up your bowl in several layers of towels, away from draught and any source of cold, make sure it's nice and cosy (I wish I was joking) and leave it for about 30-40 minutes, until it grows into this:

     Now that your dough is finally ready, sprinkle a little flour on your work surface, pour the dough on it and gently spread it out until it is about as thick as your finger (or 1,5/2cm if you want to get technical).

     Using a round cookie cutter (or even better,  use a glass), cut as many doughnuts as you can. Don't worry about the misshaped leftover dough, we will fry that as well... Having those was by far the best part when I was a child!

      Now you must understand that the most important step in ensuring these come out perfectly fried, is to make sure to use plenty of oil (a bath) and that the oil is extremely HOT when you put your doughnuts in it. While they fry on one side, make sure to splash some of that boiling oil on the top side, as this will help them puff up more. Yes, it is as dangerous as it sounds, but hey... no risk, no doughnuts...

     Fry them on both sides until they get a golden-brown color, then lay them on tissue paper to get rid of any excess oil. After they cooled down for a while, pour in the powdered sugar, marmalade, Nutella, or whatever else you think you might enjoy these with. Plain are pretty good as well. They most certainly won't last long. Oh, remember to fry those corky-shaped ones as well.  Ours came out something like this:

      Enjoy!    :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another outing. Dubai

     Before we were even pregnant, but already trying to imagine how our lives would look like with a child and what kind of parents we would like to be, we decided on being the cool kind. The kind that provide their child with love, confidence and trust, the kind that travel and fill their lives with experiences instead of just raising them in front of a screen. (this would also explain the 5 round-trip flights we have booked in April, June and July) That being said, we did not wait a month or two after baby was born to go out... We took some basic precautions and headed out the door after 2 weeks... First to the mall nearby when it wasn't too crowded, then to the city in a park, to a restaurant, downstairs where we live, then another restaurant, then we ventured a little further.

     Having my mom here was the best kind of help ever! I can not possibly imagine this whole experience without her in it! And yes, it was clear she won't be here for a vacation, but we didn't want her to leave without seeing a little bit around, catching some sun and doing some shopping. Working around baby's sleep schedule we manage to squeeze in all of those things...

     This was the day when we visited the JBR area in Dubai, The Walk, where a lot has changed since we were last there and it now looks like the coolest place in the city!

      The weather was perfect, the beach was buzzing with beautiful people, there are shops, restaurants and an open air market and lovely, clean area to change and feed the baby! (cos that is what we are looking at nowadays)

      We enjoyed it so much that we went back there by ourselves a couple of weeks later.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Taking stock 05

Making : good use of our voucher book and Groupon
Cooking : some seriously yummy salads
Drinking : my chai latte every now and then (ok, fine! every other day!)
Reading: blogs whenever I get the chance...not much else
Wanting: to spend less money (not working yet)
Looking: at stuff to order from Amazon  :D
Playing: vacuum cleaner sounds on YouTube! It's a hit with my child!  :D
Wasting: bread... we need to always have it on hand, but we don't always get to eat it...   :o
Wishing: to print out some of our pictures for the living room wall
Enjoying: making plans with my husband
Waiting: for the delivery service to bring some stuff I ordered... (esp. the Ergo newborn insert)
Liking: the way people react when they see me with the baby
Wondering: what kind of person will she be when she grows up and how can I best help her be
Loving: the different kind of closeness my husband and I are sharing since having the baby
Hoping: we will have good weather when we travel to Europe in April
Marveling: how fast baby grows and's pretty amazing!
Needing: a back massage!!!
Smelling: baby
Wearing: baby  :D :D :D
Following: a lot of new moms on Instagram
Noticing: the strethmarks are looking much better... it's all about the scrub and the cocoa butter!
Knowing: that great things are going to be in our future
Thinking: about going to the beach
Feeling: excited about starting to work out
Opening: another box of cookies...  :D
Giggling: with my husband...we have a lot of inner jokes

Sunday, March 1, 2015

This month...

I will:
  • make more videos of us and the baby
  • finally sort out my photo library backup
  • make photo albums
  • print out pictures for our living room wall
  • spend less money 
  • plan a small reunion with my friends in Romania
  • get a blow dry
  • get a massage (use voucher)
  • apply for baby's Romanian birth certificate
  • prepare for our trip to Europe in April
  • be a good mommy
  • get baby's ears pierced
  • start working out
  • use the camera more
  • read
  • go to the beach
  • watch Sons of Anarchy
  • only eat homemade sweets (except for ice cream)  :D

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