Monday, March 16, 2015

5/52, 6/52, 7/52, 8/52, 9/52, 10/52

      Well... I totally didn't keep up with this 52 photo project... so here is a quick catch-up:

 Some of the last days spent with my mom here in Abu Dhabi, both baby and I concluded that she is pretty awesome and we miss her a lot!
 She smiles a lot and it's making me so happy!
 This little finger is always pointing out when I feed her. I think it's the cutest thing ever!  :)
 She is such a good baby, making it quite easy for us to be her mommy and daddy!
 Still didn't officially start working out...but we did go on the Yas Marina Circuit track once... Hey, at least we took pictures!  :D
 We are using the Sleep Baby Sleep! app for the white noise aka the magic that will make our baby relax in an instant. I highly recommend it to any parents when all else fails to calm your baby down. Our favorite is the vacuum cleaner sound, but you can choose from running water, hair dryer or womb sounds... It really works!

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