Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another outing. Dubai

     Before we were even pregnant, but already trying to imagine how our lives would look like with a child and what kind of parents we would like to be, we decided on being the cool kind. The kind that provide their child with love, confidence and trust, the kind that travel and fill their lives with experiences instead of just raising them in front of a screen. (this would also explain the 5 round-trip flights we have booked in April, June and July) That being said, we did not wait a month or two after baby was born to go out... We took some basic precautions and headed out the door after 2 weeks... First to the mall nearby when it wasn't too crowded, then to the city in a park, to a restaurant, downstairs where we live, then another restaurant, then we ventured a little further.

     Having my mom here was the best kind of help ever! I can not possibly imagine this whole experience without her in it! And yes, it was clear she won't be here for a vacation, but we didn't want her to leave without seeing a little bit around, catching some sun and doing some shopping. Working around baby's sleep schedule we manage to squeeze in all of those things...

     This was the day when we visited the JBR area in Dubai, The Walk, where a lot has changed since we were last there and it now looks like the coolest place in the city!

      The weather was perfect, the beach was buzzing with beautiful people, there are shops, restaurants and an open air market and lovely, clean area to change and feed the baby! (cos that is what we are looking at nowadays)

      We enjoyed it so much that we went back there by ourselves a couple of weeks later.

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