Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Taking stock 05

Making : good use of our voucher book and Groupon
Cooking : some seriously yummy salads
Drinking : my chai latte every now and then (ok, fine! every other day!)
Reading: blogs whenever I get the chance...not much else
Wanting: to spend less money (not working yet)
Looking: at stuff to order from Amazon  :D
Playing: vacuum cleaner sounds on YouTube! It's a hit with my child!  :D
Wasting: bread... we need to always have it on hand, but we don't always get to eat it...   :o
Wishing: to print out some of our pictures for the living room wall
Enjoying: making plans with my husband
Waiting: for the delivery service to bring some stuff I ordered... (esp. the Ergo newborn insert)
Liking: the way people react when they see me with the baby
Wondering: what kind of person will she be when she grows up and how can I best help her be
Loving: the different kind of closeness my husband and I are sharing since having the baby
Hoping: we will have good weather when we travel to Europe in April
Marveling: how fast baby grows and changes....it's pretty amazing!
Needing: a back massage!!!
Smelling: baby
Wearing: baby  :D :D :D
Following: a lot of new moms on Instagram
Noticing: the strethmarks are looking much better... it's all about the scrub and the cocoa butter!
Knowing: that great things are going to be in our future
Thinking: about going to the beach
Feeling: excited about starting to work out
Opening: another box of cookies...  :D
Giggling: with my husband...we have a lot of inner jokes


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