Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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 Her little smiles, making me melt every. single. morning
 Selfies never were interesting to me, until I had her. Now it's almost like I am trying so hard to fit in every single picture I take of her. Because we belong together.
 Here's hoping they will be at least as good friends as their parents are. They sure look cute together!
 I am loving this picture so much, her cute little cheeks, that hand on the knee, the sun stroking her nose, the way my mom seems younger than me...
These last couple of weeks we've had a few little events... She is half way on to rolling over, she found her fists and now she is chewing on them every chance she gets. She started purposely holding things in her chubby little hands, the pacifier (aka tzumi), her bib, my shirt, hair, fingers, her cube toy, her noise-maker (I have no idea how the darned thing is called)... and you guessed it: everything finds it's way to her mouth!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Back to Europe

     The time has come, as we anticipated, to prove the coolness of our new found parenthood and start the saga of the traveling baby... We will be traveling a whole bunch in the next few months... Something like 5 round-trip flights in the first 6 months of our baby's life. Cos we are cool like that. Ha!

     I was totally prepared for this... 6h flight, me and my baby. Alone. We had a plan and a lot of positive thinking. We arrive to the departure gate. There is a terrible sand storm happening outside. Flight is delayed until 10:20. That's about 2h. It's ok...baby is still happy, we can manage. Time passes quick. We are boarding. The nanny on board helps me out until I close up our stroller and pick up my bag, jacket, tote, blanket.... I am starting to sweat... Dear Lord, what was I thinking?!

     We get to our place in the 'family' area. It's spacey. A young, nice lady is already occupying the seat next to ours. We finally sit. I prepare to have things as handy as possible. The flight attendant comes by and says that my bag is not allowed to be on the floor and she needs to place it in the luggage compartment until departure. Grrr...fine!

     Baby is still ok. And we wait. Any minute we will start moving. Any minute now.... The captain already greeted us on board and says he is waiting for permission from the control tower to get things going. And we wait... 2h have passed.  :/  Baby is not happy. She starts fussing. I stand up. The lady next to me smiles. We make small talk. She is really nice. My baby is screaming. People start starring. At least, I think they are. I'm avoiding direct eye contact. Oh, how I miss  my husband. Some lady comes over to let me know that her heart is breaking and suggests I swaddle my baby. Ahm...no! At least she was polite.  I wonder if I can go change baby's diaper in the toilet since we are still not moving. I can. The nice lady comes with me and helps with my bag. Baby calms down. Apparently she is a huge fan of the inflight toilet. We stay there for a little while. Soon after, we are finally departing from Abu Dhabi. I am breastfeeding baby so her ears don't pop. She is still a little fussy. Then the nanny brings us the travel cot. It looks comfy. She will definitely sleep the entire flight. Hmmm...I wonder how many kids slept in it?! Do they ever wash those things?!

     Baby falls asleep. I take a deep breath. They bring food. I get to try it a little. O-O! Baby's awake... I can't get up with a trey on my lap. Then I dangle a toy in front of her until my arms almost fall off... It didn't work. She is wide awake and super fussy. I try feeding her again. Move around. Change her diaper again. As we get ready to head back to our seats she has the first poopy explosion ever. There is poop everywhere. Thank God I brought a change of clothes!

     Then she snoozed in my lap for about 15 minutes, than started fussing again. Things are not going as I planned...

     I can't even remember any more details from the flight...it's a blur. Baby didn't sleep much, had a couple of rounds of good crying, the nice lady held her for a while, danced with her, sang to her, baby showed her gratitude by puking all over the nice lady, I was sooo stressed out. And tired. Then baby slept for a while. The lady kept me company. She was really easy to talk to. And so positive, happy and calming. I was thinking I must try to keep in touch with her. I could not thank her enough. I already told everyone who asked that God sent this lady to help me out so I don't freak out and spend the entire flight crying next to my baby in the toilet!

     About half an hour before landing, the plane suddenly changed altitude, everyone's ears popped quite painfully. Including my baby's. There was not enough time for me to shove a boob in her mouth. The damage was done. She started screaming. And she cried...Probably the longest and hardest she ever did in her life. And there was nothing I could do to help her. I was sweaty, exhausted and afraid that my baby was going to harm herself from all that crying. So I held her tight and cried a little too. We were soon going to land after 10h of traveling.

     The nice lady stayed with me all the way out the door where familiar faces were excitedly waiting for us. I thanked her a million times. (And I am planning to thank her some more) Then I couldn't hold it in anymore. We've made it! I cried!

     One of the first things we did as soon as we could stretch ourselves the next day, was a long walk by the Isar. I was so happy to be back home. And still so grateful that we have several homes to go  back to. And it was so nice seeing everyone get acquainted with our daughter. God, I wish my husband could have been there. To see their reactions and all their smiles. 

     They were all absolutely wonderful and more helpful than I could have imagined! It felt so good to be in their company. Not to mention we were spoiled to the max!

     Right after Easter, we went to visit the rest of the family in the countryside. It was soooo nice. We got to see everyone! There was awesome food, and several kinds of cakes, tea and coffee, lovely conversations and even gifts for out baby. Another thing that made a spectacular appearance at one point was snow. It seriously snowed like in the fairytales. And everything was white and then the sun came out and it was gone.

     We had such a nice time. And a beautiful sunset and more signs that spring is near. Then we returned to Munich. The baby was great. She slept a lot, smiled here and there, only cried a little.

     A few days later we were celebrating Nina's birthday with a family dinner at the Georgian restaurant. My friend Ana managed  to come by, which I was quite happy about since I haven't seen her in sooo long. The food was delicious and it presented itself something like this: meat + meat + meat + small appetizer + beans + meat + cake.  :D  We had such a fun time, gave Nina our flowers and little gifts, shared a lot of laughs,  took some silly pictures, sang happy birthday with the entire restaurant, ate a lot. The baby slept. A man from the neighboring table even asked if I had shared some of the vodka with her...apparently that was supposed to be funny...Not!

     Over the next days the weather got better and better and we picked up the habit of walking everyday. My mother-in-law loves to walk, so we spent some really nice time in the park near our home, went for a coffee/tea date out in the warm sun, visited Nina and Ismael and met some of our good friends.

     Now here's the thing. I left my DSLR camera back in Abu Dhabi. I figured I have plenty of stuff to carry and worry about so no need to keep adding to it. Yes, I felt like I was missing an arm. Everywhere I looked I saw picture-perfect opportunities.  I used my phone a lot, but it was just not the same thing... The only thing that saved my sanity a bit was the fact that I had just ordered a CanonSX610  with the main purpose of starting to make more videos, but it only arrived the day before I left to Romania. So...that's that!

     In the end I realized that I should have planned a little different and spend more time in Munich. It went by so fast and by the time everyone got a little used to the baby, we had to say our goodbyes. We will be back soon, in June, so it's really not that long until then, plus I got to take auntie Nina with me to Romania! I was just so happy she could come, even if it was just for a (long) weekend!

     And that brings us to the end of our little story. It felt so great being back after such a long time, seeing family, feeling the crisp air, walking places and even catching a glimpse at snow.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


      A couple of weeks back we had a lovely open air weekend, since we won't have many of those left, before the great summer heat will be upon us in Abu Dhabi. I have heard about the Ripe market at St. Regis Saadyiat Island for quite some time, but never actually visited until now. I was expecting there to be more to see, and I must admit I was a bit disappointed. there were only a couple of stands, lovely products, but not much to choose from...  We had a nice lunch, grabbed some cornes de gazelle, some groceries and we went our merry way. Later that day I found out that the bigger part of the Ripe market had moved to the newly opened Mushrif Park. We tried to visit said park, but it seemed the entire UAE had the same idea, so we passed. Oh well... Next weekend...

     We finally made it to visit Manarat al Saadyiat, but missed the lights exhibition by 2 days... 

     Not the perfect weekend, but we have no regrets. We relaxed and spent nice time together as a family and that's the most important thing. We will  definitely visit the new park and the proper Ripe market in the weeks to come. I will report back at you!

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