Tuesday, April 21, 2015

11/52, 12/52, 13/52, 14/52, 15/52

 Her little smiles, making me melt every. single. morning
 Selfies never were interesting to me, until I had her. Now it's almost like I am trying so hard to fit in every single picture I take of her. Because we belong together.
 Here's hoping they will be at least as good friends as their parents are. They sure look cute together!
 I am loving this picture so much, her cute little cheeks, that hand on the knee, the sun stroking her nose, the way my mom seems younger than me...
These last couple of weeks we've had a few little events... She is half way on to rolling over, she found her fists and now she is chewing on them every chance she gets. She started purposely holding things in her chubby little hands, the pacifier (aka tzumi), her bib, my shirt, hair, fingers, her cube toy, her noise-maker (I have no idea how the darned thing is called)... and you guessed it: everything finds it's way to her mouth!

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