Tuesday, April 14, 2015


      A couple of weeks back we had a lovely open air weekend, since we won't have many of those left, before the great summer heat will be upon us in Abu Dhabi. I have heard about the Ripe market at St. Regis Saadyiat Island for quite some time, but never actually visited until now. I was expecting there to be more to see, and I must admit I was a bit disappointed. there were only a couple of stands, lovely products, but not much to choose from...  We had a nice lunch, grabbed some cornes de gazelle, some groceries and we went our merry way. Later that day I found out that the bigger part of the Ripe market had moved to the newly opened Mushrif Park. We tried to visit said park, but it seemed the entire UAE had the same idea, so we passed. Oh well... Next weekend...

     We finally made it to visit Manarat al Saadyiat, but missed the lights exhibition by 2 days... 

     Not the perfect weekend, but we have no regrets. We relaxed and spent nice time together as a family and that's the most important thing. We will  definitely visit the new park and the proper Ripe market in the weeks to come. I will report back at you!

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