Sunday, May 31, 2015


Taking stock 07

Making: baby's Romanian birth certificate (finally)
Eating: this last week my diet consisted of cherry yoghurt and caramel cookies
Drinking: water and the occasional chai latte
Reading: about baby nutrition... we are preparing
Wanting: to have more time
Looking: forward to all the traveling we'll do the next couple of months
Playing: more and more each day...
Wishing: that my husband returns from his more day!
Enjoying: a couple of hours each night after baby is asleep...
Waiting: for the hot season to be over... I'm glad we won't be here for a good part of it  :)
Liking: the beautiful light in our apartment
Wondering: when will baby sit on her own?
Loving: the smiles she greets me with every. single. morning.
Hoping: to find a dress to wear at the wedding in July!
Marveling: how quick baby's can switch from desperate cryig to pure joy in a matter of seconds
Needing: more sleep in the morning...waking up at 6 is not my thing!!
Smelling: sweet baby smell
Wearing: PJ's... a lot!
Following: new mommy's on Instagram
Noticing: my hair loss getting less...
Knowing: we will have a great time in Europe this summer
Thinking: we are blessed to have such a good baby
Feeling: in control
Bookmarking: baby-friendly vacation spots
Giggling:  at the silly faces baby makes

Saturday, May 30, 2015

All the love in the world...

     The love and respect I have for the women in my family can not be put into words. It gives me great pride to say that I belong to their lineage. Both my mom and grandma have met a lot of difficulties in their lives, some of their stories seem like they could only have happen 100 years ago and could certainly make up movie screenplays... but they both came out on the other side and always landed on their feet no matter what.

    Growing up surrounded by their strength definitely had a huge impact on me. I was raised to be independent, confident and outspoken. I was taught to be sociable, generous and optimistic. My mom always explained to me that no matter what problem may arise, there is always a solution coming right up. This may be one of the reasons why I am never stressed about bad outcomes...because I know that when something goes wrong there will be a way to make it right.

      They taught me to be fearless and to never hesitate to ask for help if I am in need. To be polite and respect the people around me, but to never allow anyone to take me for granted. To recognize true value in people and never stick around the ones that don't share the same values as me.  That I can do anything I set my mind to. They also gave me the freedom to make my own decisions and fix up my mistakes. They taught me that honesty is above all else the best choice to  make, even when it can hurt. Lies have short legs and complicate things endlessly. They showed me how to appreciate my country and learn as much as I can about it. To enjoy nature and be kind to it. To make people smile. To love and care for my own.. 

      These are just some things off the top of my head, but surely there are a million other lessons and traits that I picked up from them. I am happy with who I am and everything I have because of them and I am grateful to be able to share all of it with them and my own daughter. I know that I will most likely be raising her in a completely different environment and let's face it...a completely different time, but I still hope to manage to pass on to her these important lessons, the stories and experiences of the previous generations of our family.

       by Blanche & Bogdan Photogrphy

16/52, 17/52, 18/52, 19/52, 20/52

 happy happy baby...
 still working on our selfie game...
 this is how she waits for me in the morning... my happiness!
 we me had ice-cream outside on evening... I think we need to make it a tradition... :D
 that's how she is....most of the time :D
yummy Sophie... :D

Saturday, May 23, 2015


     Oh how recharged I felt... As I've told before, going back HOME is always such a joy, but being there in the season of rebirth, growth, warmth and new life sure felt special. Of course, everything was was the first time I introduced my daughter to the places and the people that make up my home.

     One thing that felt especially good was walking near the river Mures, spoiled by sunshine and simply observing the world around me. And I loved what I saw.  The same pavement that I walked on countless times before, a little cracked here and there, but still able to tell so many stories of (my) the past. Young kids, making their way from school...if only they knew what a great blessing it is to only have that on your mind... Girls laughing and making promises to one another as if they would grow old together (rarely happens), a mother and child who made me smile. She was teaching him to roller skate, but there were far more valuable lessons to be found in her words...about self confidence, bravery, freedom, belief, trust, joy, achievement... It was by far one of my favorite moments...

     I saw lovers, some sharing discreet embraces on secluded areas of the park, some making out, extremely overt and explicit...some seemed shy and so in (first) love, as if they had dropped from a beautiful book. People that seemed burdened and tired, taking a sweet moment to enjoy the silence and the sun.  Older people, playing chess, supervising nephews, breathing the fresh air, passing on their wisdom to whoever cared to listen.  Kids, playing, running, laughing, arguing,  being silly and immature, as they should be... Fellow mommas, pushing strollers, carrying their little descendants or holding small hands... Bicyclists speeding up and down the alleys...

     Dog owners, dutifully walking with their pets.

      Trees starting to turn green, some exploding with flowers. Birds singing their way across the park...and the river, an ever-present witness for many many generations, still carrying it's story downstream...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Easter in Romania

     So what if I am a month late with this post?  :/   I find it important to document as much as I can over here and I will do my best, so if I will write about Easter in the middle of May... so be it!  :D

     I haven't been home in Romania for Easter in a very long time...must be about 6 years. I love the tradition around it and I care to keep it and share it with my husband and child. I even dare say it's my favorite celebration. There is a certain spiritual feeling that I only get on Easter. The way people get together, the intensity of collective prayer, the emotional meaning of the resurrection, the lights...

     Although I was tempted, my mom convinced me that going to church at midnight with a baby in a stroller might not be the smartest we skipped it. We couldn't even stay awake to keep up with the tradition of sharing a meal together after my mom returned from church. We did, however, celebrate with a lovely Easter brunch the next day, with our family. It was a joyous day, we were happy to be together, happy to have my baby there. We ate specific food, fresh bread and red eggs were tapped. Of course cake was not missing and we also added a little celebratory moment for our beloved Nina, who had her birthday a couple of days before.  Here are some pictures from the day, beautifully captured by Blanche & Bogdan Photography.

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