Saturday, May 30, 2015

All the love in the world...

     The love and respect I have for the women in my family can not be put into words. It gives me great pride to say that I belong to their lineage. Both my mom and grandma have met a lot of difficulties in their lives, some of their stories seem like they could only have happen 100 years ago and could certainly make up movie screenplays... but they both came out on the other side and always landed on their feet no matter what.

    Growing up surrounded by their strength definitely had a huge impact on me. I was raised to be independent, confident and outspoken. I was taught to be sociable, generous and optimistic. My mom always explained to me that no matter what problem may arise, there is always a solution coming right up. This may be one of the reasons why I am never stressed about bad outcomes...because I know that when something goes wrong there will be a way to make it right.

      They taught me to be fearless and to never hesitate to ask for help if I am in need. To be polite and respect the people around me, but to never allow anyone to take me for granted. To recognize true value in people and never stick around the ones that don't share the same values as me.  That I can do anything I set my mind to. They also gave me the freedom to make my own decisions and fix up my mistakes. They taught me that honesty is above all else the best choice to  make, even when it can hurt. Lies have short legs and complicate things endlessly. They showed me how to appreciate my country and learn as much as I can about it. To enjoy nature and be kind to it. To make people smile. To love and care for my own.. 

      These are just some things off the top of my head, but surely there are a million other lessons and traits that I picked up from them. I am happy with who I am and everything I have because of them and I am grateful to be able to share all of it with them and my own daughter. I know that I will most likely be raising her in a completely different environment and let's face it...a completely different time, but I still hope to manage to pass on to her these important lessons, the stories and experiences of the previous generations of our family.

       by Blanche & Bogdan Photogrphy

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