Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Easter in Romania

     So what if I am a month late with this post?  :/   I find it important to document as much as I can over here and I will do my best, so if I will write about Easter in the middle of May... so be it!  :D

     I haven't been home in Romania for Easter in a very long time...must be about 6 years. I love the tradition around it and I care to keep it and share it with my husband and child. I even dare say it's my favorite celebration. There is a certain spiritual feeling that I only get on Easter. The way people get together, the intensity of collective prayer, the emotional meaning of the resurrection, the lights...

     Although I was tempted, my mom convinced me that going to church at midnight with a baby in a stroller might not be the smartest idea...so we skipped it. We couldn't even stay awake to keep up with the tradition of sharing a meal together after my mom returned from church. We did, however, celebrate with a lovely Easter brunch the next day, with our family. It was a joyous day, we were happy to be together, happy to have my baby there. We ate specific food, fresh bread and red eggs were tapped. Of course cake was not missing and we also added a little celebratory moment for our beloved Nina, who had her birthday a couple of days before.  Here are some pictures from the day, beautifully captured by Blanche & Bogdan Photography.

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