Monday, May 4, 2015

On my birthday...

     There was no wishlist this year. No trivial or materialistic desires. No need of more things that I should have. No ideas of possessions that I must own...

     Because I have everything. True! It's that simple.

     I have health, luck, joy and love in my heart. A lifetime of the greatest memories, the absolute best family, the most amazing, admirable people to call friends, the most beautiful child. I am surrounded by goodness and showered with loveliness. There is positivity and great inspiration everywhere I look. I continue to be amazed by the way I am greeted and all the wonderful things my loved ones do for me, for my happiness. I am blessed and so grateful for it. How can I ever pay it back? To all of them, to the Universe...?

     I will do my best to show my gratitude in everything I do. To keep spreading the positivity I get charged with and pay it forward. To love on everyone else around me. To make sure they feel the joy.

      I am welcoming this new age with great excitement and looking forward to the new decade of my life, knowing it will be good. I have a lot to thank for and a lot to enjoy.

     I wish everyone to have it all and to be at least as fulfilled as I am!

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