Friday, May 1, 2015

Taking stock 06

Making: an effort to take more video footage with our little one
Cooking: not much, but trying to get back into healthy mode
Drinking: smoothies, mommy tea
Reading: a couple of Romanian parenting blogs (Printesa Urbana, Gang Blog)
Wanting: to start working out
Looking: at the amazing view where we currently live
Playing: with my baby. It's all about the footsie kisses...
Wasting: valuable time when baby is asleep. I should be sleeping too
Wishing: to learn how to edit short videos
Enjoying: the warmth outside
Waiting: to get a chance to use my spa vouchers
Liking: the pictures we took while in Romania (coming soon)
Disliking: Romanian Television... not much to see there...
Wondering: how to best stimulate our baby for ideal development
Loving: her cute little faces
Hoping: to go to the beach before it gets too hot
Watching: The Good Wife, Game of Thrones, SOA
Marveling: at how much becoming a parent changes you to the core
Considering: to invest in my blog
Needing: a new wardrobe   :D
Smelling: sweet baby smell
Wearing: nothing that really makes me happy. Need to get into shape. Now!
Following: some good pieces of advice
Noticing: my hair falling a ton. And my skin being really dry...
Knowing: that we have a good plan set out
Bookmarking: fashion inspiration
Thinking: about getting laser hair removal
Feeling: so happy to be with my husband after an entire month apart

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