Sunday, May 31, 2015

Taking stock 07

Making: baby's Romanian birth certificate (finally)
Eating: this last week my diet consisted of cherry yoghurt and caramel cookies
Drinking: water and the occasional chai latte
Reading: about baby nutrition... we are preparing
Wanting: to have more time
Looking: forward to all the traveling we'll do the next couple of months
Playing: more and more each day...
Wishing: that my husband returns from his more day!
Enjoying: a couple of hours each night after baby is asleep...
Waiting: for the hot season to be over... I'm glad we won't be here for a good part of it  :)
Liking: the beautiful light in our apartment
Wondering: when will baby sit on her own?
Loving: the smiles she greets me with every. single. morning.
Hoping: to find a dress to wear at the wedding in July!
Marveling: how quick baby's can switch from desperate cryig to pure joy in a matter of seconds
Needing: more sleep in the morning...waking up at 6 is not my thing!!
Smelling: sweet baby smell
Wearing: PJ's... a lot!
Following: new mommy's on Instagram
Noticing: my hair loss getting less...
Knowing: we will have a great time in Europe this summer
Thinking: we are blessed to have such a good baby
Feeling: in control
Bookmarking: baby-friendly vacation spots
Giggling:  at the silly faces baby makes

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