Thursday, June 11, 2015

Baby's first celebration

     Believe it or not, I am not done with our Europe pictures from April. We are actually getting ready to fly back tomorrow, but I still have some pictures to share from before. Bad mommy blogger...  :D

     It's been really hard for me to keep up, not necessarily from lack of time, but more like lack of inspiration and the right mood.

     When we were back home, I planned a little 'meet baby Nalia' gathering with some of my old friends. I had a lot of help from my kind friend Lidia, who did a great job organizing and helping me with all the decorations, flowers, cake, etc. It was the first party ever for our Nalia, so I wanted to do something cute for her. I got stuck on a sheep theme, yellow and white colors, that I found on Pinterest and went with it all the way. Everything turned out better than I imagined. I was so happy to meet all of my friends, although it felt a little weird here and there, this new mix of friends with kids vs. friends without. I found it interesting to try to keep the conversation appropriate for both sides.  (let's be honest, when you're a parent it's incredibly hard to steer clear of the poopy talk  :D ).

      Baby Nalia wasn't very impressed with the whole arrangement and preferred to stay cosy in grandma's arms...

      We also had a looooot of pictures taken by Blanche&Bogdan Photography, but Nalia was not much into that either...  Still I think she looks adorable!

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