Tuesday, June 16, 2015


     This corner of the street, this unfinished house, the painted plum trees, the same bench as ever... All the memories from long ago... Part of my childhood, some of the happiest days, some confusing, always ending with smiles and giggles and plans for new, greater adventures...

     These are the first things that came to mind when I saw this picture. It was taken in Sebis, a small town not far from Arad. The hometown of my father and his side of the family, where I have spent many summer vacations, playing with my cousins, running up and down the hill, breathing fresh pine-scented air, enjoying seasonal activities and making happy games out of everything.

      We used to walk across the hill to go check on the horses, go by carriage to help out in the field, go mushroom picking in the forest, flower picking, berry picking, hazelnut picking, linden picking or whatever else was in season-picking. We used to go bicycling, swimming at the river, play in the mud, play tricks with cards, cheat on team games, make up stories, listen to music recorded on tape, have dance parties and make the corridors our private catwalk shows, watch cool movies on German television (Hello Van Damme), eat freshly baked bread, ice cream cones or sunflower seeds up until midnight, go to the town disco, meeting friends.

     We used to be outside a lot, no matter the weather,  went ice-skating on the frozen river in winter,  snow sledding, relishing the beautiful scenery, went Christmas caroling and ate all the candies off the Christmas tree.

      Some of the things I remember are not even complete in my head, just feelings and snaps of things I am not even sure really happened sometimes or if I only dreamed... The joy and freedom, lack of pressure of any kind, only childhood. A lot of small experiences that helped me know the world around me and different people. Learning to ride a bike, first crushes, holding hands, cold feet touching under the blanket, stealing my aunts cake, before it was time to eat it, lots of sunshine.

      I wish I could have found a way to keep all of these things on record, but unfortunately I wasn't the most disciplined about keeping journals of any kind and photography was quite a rare occurrence in that time, reserved mainly for birthdays, special guest visits or the important holidays.

      And then I wish I could offer some of these experiences to my own daughter. I desperately want her to grow knowing how to be a child, allowing herself to fool around and not feel any pressure from this crazy paced society we live in... No matter how her life will unfold, I will definitely make sure to be there and record it all in some way. Like this blog. That is what it is actually. It doesn't have to be popular or reach thousands of views per month. As long as it keeps some of our memories and some of the images that go along with them. That is what it's for.

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