Friday, July 24, 2015


     I am so behind on posting around here! I wish I could say I can handle everything like a pro, mommy-hood, being a wife, a friend, all the traveling, the changes, the to do's, the things I want, all of that...but it really started to take a toll on me and I am feeling a bit run down...

     We are about to travel back to Abu Dhabi tomorrow, after 1 month and a half of being here in Europe, living out of a suitcase. I'm serious when I tell you...I don't understand how this time went by so fast... I literally have to check through my pictures and Instagram feed to remember all the things we did and places we saw.

     One of those first things was a get-together with the girls at the pool, to celebrate Nina, before her wedding in Riga. I am ever so thankful for the group of friends we have here in Munich. They are a really great bunch, it's a rare thing when so many different people come together in such a beautiful way.

      I always feel recharged when I meet them young, positive and fun. They are all great examples of strong, opinionated women, who challenge themselves and make me challenge myself to do better and strive for  more. They are just cool people that I hope to have around forever, not just for myself, but also because I can see that they would be great examples for my daughter as well. This is the kind of people I want her to have around growing up.

     In short, thank you girls for always answering my call, for being there for me when I need advice, for cheering me up and cheering me on. It is highly appreciated. Till next time...  XO


Paulina said...

Yeay! New post! I love reading your blog during lunch time at work and it feels good to be in it too ;-)

toytulip said...

Thank you Paulina! I'll do my best to post more often...and I hope to keep it interesting for you! :D :*

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