Friday, August 28, 2015

21/52, 22/52, 23/52, 24/52, 25/52, 26/52, 27/52, 28/52, 29/52, 30/52, 31/52, 32/52, 33/52

  The sweetest, pouty face ever, I wish I could hold her for the rest of my life!
  Bright and early, full of smiles. That is how most of our mornings look like!
  First time ever wearing a bathing suit... Oh, the cuteness!
Coolest kid on the block... hahaha!
All glammed up like a doll...
Having the best time with her daddy in Berlin!
Back in Munich, riding the scary-looking escalators like a pro  :D
Yummmm? or Yuuuuummmmm!  :D
Hanging out with the boys... watch out daddy!  :D 
It's all about the food...
Here's one thing I will have a terribly hard time letting go of when the time comes... 
My sunshine...

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