Monday, August 10, 2015

Taking stock 08

Making: messes... I can't seem to catch up with everything
Eating: out a lot...
Drinking: nursing tea...gotta keep up with demand  :D
Reading: well... more like planning to read...
Wanting: to buy everything that is on sale these days...
Looking: up to all the mommy's out there, doing a great job
Playing: all over the floor... her, not me.
Wishing: there was a parenthood genie, to just teach me everything there is to know...
Enjoying: watching SOA with my husband every evening. No more binge watching for me...
Waiting: for the cooler weather to return so we can be outside
Liking: my new pair of coral jeans.
Wondering: how many trees do we need to plant in our lifetime to make up for all the paper tissues we use every day
Loving: baby bathing suits. OMG! The cuteness!!!
Hoping: to spend less money next month...
Marveling: how I just gave birth and now she is crawling, eating, smiling, babbling...
Needing: to spend time outside
Smelling: the new (to me) Rituals shower foam and body lotion.
Wearing: my new pair of coral jeans, a T and my trusty Birkenstock
Following: way too many Instagram accounts...I think it's time for a clean-up
Noticing: that we need to baby-proof!! ASAP!
Knowing: that I can trust my instincts more
Thinking: we need to change a few things and it won't be easy
Feeling: pressured into being 'super-mom'
Bookmarking: baby classes, here in Abu Dhabi
Giggling:  with my baby! She is so expressive and already shows a bit of her fun personality

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