Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Taking stock 09

Making: plans for a little vacation come January
Eating: a little bit better, but still have a lot of work to do to get us on the right path...
Drinking: wild berry wine... Just had a glass after dinner and it was sooo good! Nothing makes you feel 'grown-up' like a glass of vino...
Reading: 'To kill a mockingbird'... just got started on it...making sloooooow progress...
Wanting: to help more where help is needed
Looking: out our window at night... we have the best view!
Wishing: the world to head in a better direction... it's becoming a scary place...
Enjoying: weekends! I love how active we are as a family on the weekend!  :D
Waiting: for our friends Tommy, Andrea and David to come visiting at the end of October! Having our friends visit here is so exciting for us and makes us so happy!
Liking: my new pair of black jeans...  :D
Wondering: what else to feed baby... I want to make the best choices for her (post coming soon!)
Loving: our family
Hoping: teething will be easy on us...
Marveling: how the way she cries just completely changes every now and then... Thank God we don't hear much of it though... :)
Needing: to Skype more with family! It always feels sooo good!
Smelling: hahahaha!! baby's tushie...
Wearing: anything comfy...
Following: a couple of new Youtubers... this thing is so addictive!
Noticing: my skin is acting up...also, my hair (that has fallen off post-partum) is regenerating and my head looks like a bush...
Knowing: more and more about healthy nutrition... I have started watching a few interesting documentaries
Thinking: too much... I need a break from thinking...   :/
Feeling: really troubled reading some of the opinions  of my Romanian fellows about the Sirian refugees situation...

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

This month...

I will:
  • edit our Europe videos
  • add more diversity to baby's meals
  • plan what to do with our friends visiting in November! 
  • make photo albums
  • go to the cinema
  • use our vouchers
  • declutter our home
  •  try something new
  • set up healthy lifestyle goals
  • start Arabic classes
  • go to the pool
  •  start learning about make-up
  • finish up my home projects
  • get a back massage
  • do yoga
  • have laser hair removal
  • plan for out vacation in January
  • watch more movies
  • use my other cameras to take pictures
  • be active
  • be happy! 

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