Monday, November 30, 2015

Taking stock 10

Making: lots of plans for change in 2016
Cooking: something new each time
Drinking: beer and I loved it!
Reading: trying to get back into reading's damn hard...
Wanting: to get fit and healthy
Looking: for a personal trainer or suitable workout program
Playing: with my baby girl...we are finally at the stage when we can actually play
Deciding: on different ways to live healthier
Wishing: I were more ambitious
Enjoying: meeting new people
Waiting: for Christmas to be here
Liking: Asian happy they are in season
Wondering: if I should introduce more activities for our baby
Loving: Christmas decorations popping up everywhere
Pondering: if and where we should move next year... this place is getting a bit small  :D
Considering: giving up cow's milk and's not good for me
Buying: too many things. we need to put a break on that...  :/
Watching: Scandal, The Good Wife, vegan youtubers
Hoping: I will continue to do better
Marveling: at baby's developing personality...
Cringing: at the amount of laundry we have
Needing: to organize my laptop and my pictures
Questioning: veganism
Smelling: baby's skin and hair - it's delicious
Wearing: the most basic clothes ever T's, shorts, birks...
Following: vegan youtubers, trying to get myself informed
Noticing: my body not reacting very well to the sugar diet I was keeping it on
Knowing: that I can do anything I set my mind to (or trying to convince myself of it)
Thinking: about getting a part-time job
Admiring: people who do volunteer work in different fields of interest... be the change!
Sorting: baby clothes... it's a never ending chore
Getting: motivated to live healthy
Learning:  new vegan recipes
Coveting:  gifts to get for Christmas
Disliking: being selfish
Opening: a box of cookies... *ashamed*
Giggling:  when baby laughs
Feeling:excited about the new year... it's going to be a great one, I can tell!
Snacking: on danish butter cookies and milk... *cringe*
Listening: Jesse Daniel Smith and Josh Garells

Sunday, November 1, 2015

This month...

   ... I will:

• diy
• go to the beach/pools
• meet new moms
• try to study more for arabic class
• finally, post about our Europe trip from the summer 
• get iPhone screen fixed
• eat healthier 
• take baby's weekly picture
• get a massage
• dance
• declutter our home
• go to the cinema 
• bake for baby 
• skype with family
• have a picnic 
• donate
• try new restaurants 
• dream big
• dare more
• contact old friends
• go back to blogging
• be more disciplined 
• spend less...
• read
•plan a vacation 


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