Thursday, December 10, 2015

Berlin, June 2015

    As if we didn't have enough on our plate with all the traveling and family events and all... We (aka me) decided that we should really fill our time to the max and throw in an extra trip... This might sound crazy coming from a mommy of a 6 month-old, but after seeing that AC/DC was going to be on tour in the same time we were in Germany, I did not get peace until I purchased those concert tickets. You must understand... My whole troubled, rebellious teenage-hood had AC/DC songs as a background. I already missed my opportunity to see them live twice and since they are only getting older (as am I), I promised I wouldn't miss my chance again. It was now or never... The only date we were available to go to their concert was in Berlin on  the 25th of June. Hey... we always wanted to visit Berlin, so guess what... off we went!  :D

     Although he doesn't have a whole set of memories attached, my husband was also thrilled to go to their concert and we did our best to plan everything well. My mother in law was kind enough to not only keep us company and share some of her stories with us (she lived there thirty-something years ago), but also to babysit for the duration of said concert.

     We were there for three days and looking back now as I write, it was a pretty great trip that we all enjoyed!

     I must mention that my daughter is an absolute angel, she handled all the traveling like a champ, had no issues at all, adapted to different temperatures, air, environment, noises, movement, all of it on top of us having started her food diversification  in the same time... I felt so proud!  :D

     Here are some pictures (we took a lot of videos too, which I hope to be able to edit this lifetime)  of our time there:

 day 1 gave us showers, but we were determined to enjoy it just the same...

 since we wanted to save time and the weather wasn't the greatest, we decided on a bus tour

 I so wish that piece of paper wasn't there...   :/

 you could smell the linden flowers everywhere on the streets
 day 2 cheered us up with a lot of sunshine - we headed to the zoo

 with a sunset like that who could complain...

 I loved the atmosphere at the AC/DC concert... loved the people and the music...

I wish I was more on point taking pictures... I just couldn't be bothered to focus too much on that... Some of these are taken with our iphones, some with our point and shoot camera... I'll try to do my best capturing our memories from now on... :)

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