Saturday, February 13, 2016

Project: ME

     There is no point in mentioning how sorry I am about letting the blog slip through my fingers the last few months...

     As silly as it may sound, I really care for this little space I have put together here. Yes, I didn't always share as much as I wanted. Yes, I always struggled with sharing personal information for the whole world to see,  yes, I missed out on posting about many topics I was interested in, because I was and still am afraid of people's judgement, but nevertheless, it's my space to look back to and remember the times I casually mentioned here. Also, I still have plans for this blog. I haven't got a clue who is reading it, but giving up on it is out of the question  at least for now...

     I still have some catching up to do, from last summer... (yeah, I know!) So there will definitely be some random summer-ish posts coming up, but they are important to me and absolutely worth mentioning, regardless of the actual date I am posting on.

      Now, this post wasn't supposed to be some sort of whiny-sour tasting pill... On the contrary, I am hoping to get the kick I need to turn a new page, start off my little plans and projects of 2016 with a hopeful and cheerful note.

      The past year was so full of events, I must admit, I sort of hit a pause button on myself. Between getting adjusted to life as a family of three, travels, plans, getting new acquaintances, getting stuck in a lazy routine, personal struggles, keeping up with our chores and responsibilities, all the bla-bla-bla, I just couldn't make it through...  I lost track of my interests and passions and deemed them irrelevant. 

      Well, I know now how wrong that is. How do I know it? Because anything that makes you feel saddened, frustrated and purposeless is definitely not right!

      I blamed the major shift in focus that came with becoming a mother, lack of time, shortage of activity worth telling about (or so I felt),  my camera lens for being dirty, my laptop for being too full and disorganized to work properly... I blamed my husband for not fully agreeing with my sharing online (even though he supports me and trusts my judgement completely), I blamed myself, for being incapable, uninspired, unmotivated...

      Then I read an article about a lady who manages a family of 8(!) plus a creative job or two, plus some free time to care for herself, etc. And then I realized how ridiculous all of my complaining was.

      I know taking a break and stepping outside of the box is a tricky thing and most people (myself included) have a hard time achieving this, but sometimes, when you do, it's amazing what a difference you can make in your own life. The realizations that occur when you look at yourself with a little less involvement are just the best motivators and ass-kickers!

      So that is how I realized that NOW is the most important time to look at, that I am the only one I need to measure up to, no one else. That I need to work more on my gratitude, thankfulness and purpose, that I must be right here in my own everyday. I am not missing out of anything else but my own life otherwise... That is not something I am willing to do.

      I will do my best to plan, work hard, make the time for myself, my passions and my needs as well as the ones of my family. I will care more, do more, feel more, express more... Definitely!

      I need to become my own personal project!



Monday, February 1, 2016

This month...

 I will:
  • find a personal trainer / work out
  • go to the beach
  • read
  • take more pictures
  • sort out / clean up my laptop and phone
  • post on the blog(catch up)
  • try kayaking 
  • host a mommy evening with my mommy friends
  • eat healthy
  • get eyelash extensions
  • order photos + wall prints (groupon)
  • use our vouchers
  • buy a nice gift for my mom's 60th bday
  • travel to Germany
  • meet our friends
  • spend less
  • use my calendar
  • be on time
  • go dancing
  • go to the cinema
  • take baby to all her classes
  • start buying fruits and veg from the fresh food market
  • meal plan
  • watch more movies
  • spoil my husband

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