Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A weekend in Ajman

     Last year in October (I told you I am catching up on blog posts), we decided to take a weekend trip to Ajman. I was a bit skeptical at first...I mean, don't all beaches here look the same?! But we both wanted to see as much of the Emirates as possible while we have this wonderful opportunity to live here. Plus, we are very much aware that any stay in a great hotel, by the beach, has the potential to feel like a real vacation and provide us with a ton of relaxation.

     In this case we chose the Kempinski Hotel Ajman, which was such a pleasant experience! Having a cute baby pretty much guarantees that we will draw attention everywhere we go, but the people there were just over the top helpful and accommodating. It was a pleasure.

    Until then I didn't really take Nalia to the pool, so this was her official pool time debut! She loved it, splashing around, kicking her little legs and smiles all around! ...Oh the cuteness...

    Speaking of relaxation, we slept in, took turns watching the baby, lounged around, booked a massage... That's right! I had the best Thai massage of my life...

     It was great! :)

 *ready for our roadtrip
 *but first: fooooood! A quick stop at Tom&Serg in Dubai. Yummm!

 *we arrived! Such stunning views of the sea and hotel grounds...

 *first night trying out the Indian restaurant. Delish!!   :D

 *on and off snoozefest in our hotel room
 *mommy time...relaxation mode: ON
 *we just had to hop on this little cart for a quick photo

 *that sunset tho...

 *Our hotel lobby
 *this guy shoved his tool in our faces :D :D :D
 *got to keep hydrated poolside... :D
 *the way back home

      Please excuse the quality, shape and size of the pictures in the post... they are mostly iPhone photos... But I am working on it!  :)

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