Friday, April 1, 2016

This month...

  I will:

  • be more patient
  • work on my blog
  • surprise my loved ones and make them smile
  • get back to a healthy lifestyle routine
  • spend less money
  • be more purposeful 
  • take better pictures
  • bake something
  • edit and share our home videos
  • try the new roller coaster at Ferrari World
  • read
  • use our vouchers
  • better organize my time 
  • print out pictures/make albums
  • fill up our scrapbook
  • spend more time in the open air
  • show my mother in law a good time
  • plan our travels back to Europe this summer
  • teach Nalia to paint
  • create better content
  • search for a part time job
  • meditate
  • take better care of myself
  • do something meaningful with my time
  • stay positive
  • be less judgmental/opinionated
  • go to the Cinema
  • breathe...


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