Saturday, July 30, 2016

Home Sweet Home

     Everyone I know already knows that I've been back in my hometown, Arad, for the last few weeks. And what a joy it has been!

     I knew that it will feel special coming back with my baby girl now that she is one and a half and on the verge of discovering the entire world around her. Last time we were here she was but a tiny baby, only looking for milk and cuddles. This time it was a completely different  experience!

     Honestly, I didn't even understand before how important it will be and how much she will develop in only a few weeks by learning and interacting with so many different elements. First, family. There is always someone willing to hold her hand, take her on a walk, show her something new, tell her a story... My mom is absolutely over the moon and will spend every possible minute with her!

     Our friends...they know who they are! The ones we can depend on 100%, the ones who are always there for us with a good word, a laugh, an advice and all the help we need! Couldn't be more grateful for having them! :) And who knows what kind of love story our children could have later on... :D

     Then we have Coco, Maya, Tasha and Mau... Man o man... This was a troubled beginning. When we first came, she would be completely terrified every time the rooster would make a sound or the dog would bark. Terrified!! Like...shaken to the core terrified, with screams and crying and everything.... So it took a lot of reassurance, a lot of walks and visits to see the rooster and the chicken up close and Maya the dog, who was so kind never to bark at us when we were near. After a while I realised that it became the first thought in her mind when she would wake up in the morning. She would look at me, smile and say Co-co?! Ma-ya?!  :D  Now  it's just amazing to see how she befriended these creatures, how she visits them even by herself, no longer scared of any of them.

     With Tasha being a smaller  doggy, it was easier to get close to. She soon started giving her hugs and petting her all the time. I had to put a break on that love story when she started giving her kisses! :D

    Then one day a pretty little kitty showed up and stayed. We called her Mau because thats what Baby started calling her so now she's stuck in this no-name grey area!  :D

     Then there are all the butterflies and bees and snails, crickets and flies... An entire garden of them for baby to interact with!

     Seeing her run through the grass... picking flowers for her mommy, playing with the water hose (it's her favourite thing), taking fruits right off the tree and eating them... not to mention, grandmas cookies... this is what makes up a happy childhood. And I am so glad we  are able to give her that... She's just so incredibly happy here! I am happy too! :)

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