Saturday, July 2, 2016

Thailand (March 2016)

      I am so excited to finally share some fotos from our amazing holiday in Thailand earlier this year!
      I swear I still feel like I dreamed it all, it was so beautiful!

     The photos are not edited much, straight from the camera as I realised that the longer I postpone this post the weirder it gets to post later on and I really wanted to catch up and be up to date.

     We headed to Phuket for the first part of our trip and stayed on Kata beach at the Katathani Beach Resort which was absolutely perfect for us as a family and I am so glad we chose to go there!

      It was not crowded at all, everything was a stick-throw away and it was very family friendly. The resort looks so beautiful and that beach... oh, the beach is just amazing!

     Unfortunately our little one caught herpangina, a disease I didn't know much about, but the first 3 days weren't the best with high fever and a tired, mellow baby. We had to postpone some of the activities we had planned, but in the end we were happy she recovered quite well so we could carry on with our vacation. We went to the After Beach bar which has stunning views over the bay and the most relaxed ambient ever! If you are ever heading that way its a must!

     We visited the Big Buddha , it was interesting, but also there were construction works happening around it so  it kind of took some of the charm and atmosphere away. Our awesome taxi driver gave us a nice tour of the old city with plenty of little breaks for us to take it all in.

     Towards sunset we headed to the Wat Chalong temple. It was so nice and I sooo wish I could have had more time to learn about the culture and habits in this country.

      Lastly, I really wanted to experience a local, traditional thai eatery and as I was throwing names around, the taxi driver seemed surprised and didn't think any of those places were 'for us', so we went with his recommendation and headed to a very local area, but a bit more "up class'. There really were only local people there, but also families with children so I imagine this is what the driver was referring to.    
     Ordering food that we have never tried before, without the sound advice of someone who knows it was tricky and I can't say we enjoyed every dish we had, but it was nice to at least try something completely diferent then what our taste buds are used to.

     There is so much of Phuket we didn't get to see, temples, attractions, beaches, hidden gems, if anyone is interested I found a lot of helpful info on the blog Phuket101.

     Part two coming soon! :)


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