Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A date in Munich

     Nothing made me happier than the period of time I have spent with my husband while in Europe. He obviously couldn't stay the entire 3 months like I did, because, well...someone's got to work!   :)

      We were together for a while though, both in Arad and Munich and it just made me feel complete.  I am never more 'myself', active, motivated and full of life then when we are together. We love chatting, envisioning our plans for the future, walking, watching the world pass by, together.

     This one day in Munich, we took advantage of Nina and Ismael's kind offer to watch Nalia and hopped a couple of blocks away for a mid-day, old-fashioned date. It was lovely!

     Just what the Dr. ordered... We walked holding hands, I stopped and snapped a few side-of-the-road pictures, reached the rooftop bar at TU Muenchen and grabbed a chai latte, cappuccino with the proper sides, paninis and a marble cake and took a seat in the sun, admiring the Munich skyline.

     We will skip over the part where we were attacked by a number of raging wasps, changed our seat several times before stepping to the indoor area to enjoy our snack. Then we went back outside and continued our chat in peace. Did I mention how lovely it was?!  It was lovely!

     Our conversation went on about several topics, but one of them in particular stuck with me. It was about acting our age, not older.  We (me in particular) have the tendency to lose ourselves in the everyday comfort that we share. I have been guilty of being more 'mom' than 'wife' or just 'me' in the past 2 years. I have things on my wish-list that have been pushed aside and postponed way more than I should have allowed. And then it hit me one day. YOLO is a 'thing' for a reason!

     Everyone should realise how important it is to live now. To stop postponing everything because tomorrow is the greatest uncertainty we have, yet we put so much weight on it. Time is such a volatile notion and we just never have enough to experience, feel and say everything we wish. So we should just do it! Take the chances, throw caution to the wind a bit, live a little... There is a reason why these expressions even exist. It's probably because when we are old, on our death bed these are the moments that will stand out from the course of our lives. It is our duty to live the lives we have been given to the fullest, to feel joy, love, excitement and spread it to the ones around us too.

     Our conversation went on about feeling good in our skin, about doing the things we love to do for ourselves, even if it sometimes means having different plans from each other. We do so much together and we enjoy it a lot. We are both really grateful for the type of relationship we've built, but I  strongly believe that it is absolutely healthy to also have separate interests or activities. Like when I went ahead and took a photography class or when he went and performed in several music and spoken word events... It just makes us feel whole and brings us together even closer because, well, we have something new to talk about!

       Since I am writing this post much later, I am happy to report that the conversation led to action. Even though we were apart, we both took it upon ourselves to live up to the YOLO guidelines and so my husband refocused, changed his diet, lost quite a bit of weight (got to catch up on this with him), has kept himself active and away from the couch and I dyed my hair red and got a tattoo. I guess I took 'throw caution to the wind' a bit too ad literam, haven't I?

Oh, well... YOLO!  :)

^^first signs of fall

^^Munich is just beautiful, so glad we have made this place a home

^^happily enjoying my wasp-free chai latte 

^^met up soon after she woke from her great nap - love the faces she makes :)
^^her 'I scream for ice-cream' face

^^somebody here had a very smelly poo-poo. I wonder who?!  :D

^^back home, enjoying Oma's wonderful food

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