Monday, September 12, 2016

Hello Munich!

     Ah...our time in Munich came and went and as usual...I am way behind on posting on the blog. Will get right to it. I'll promise to find no more excuses...

     So...back to our post... Munich was a great time! We really enjoyed the great weather,  walked (a lot!), met all of our friends, visited family, had a lot of ice-cream, got to go to the park, biergarten, playgrounds (and biergarten's playground, ha!),  shopped a lot, went to the cinema, ate a lot of goodies my mother-in-law prepared for us...

     And Nalia surely had a lot of fun, she went by the Isar, fed the ducks and swans, made new friends, she got more attached to her aunties and uncles, loved going with the b-bahn and saying hello and bye to everyone!! She tried so many different things, I could see her noticing new things like the big old trees and the pebbles at the playground and all the new sounds around her. She definitely experienced different emotions. It's just so beautiful to watch her grow and develop so much, but at the same time it scares me a bit as I am constantly feeling a bit unprepared for the next stage around the corner...

      One thing I really must say tho, I am so impressed with her for being such a good and patient little girl... She amazes me all the time! She is so sweet, happy and generous, a good listener and a gentle, caring little soul. I love her to the moon and back and I a so extremely happy I get to be her momma!

      I hope you are ready for about a ton of pictures we took all in the span of 1 day!

 ^^she quickly made a new friend, this is Imani, who's hand she wouldn't let go

 ^^don't think I ever saw this bridge so crowded by the Isar

 ^^our beautiful Oma Resi  <3

 ^^thank you auntie Nina for the pictures, it's lovely being in them sometimes   ;)

 ^^so many people are asking me about her little earrings: In Romania, where I am from, it's very common to get baby's ears pierced right after birth, in Abu Dhabi we waited until she was 2-3 months old as per hospital rules and then got them pierced. It was easy-breezy, no fuss at all. She still wears the medicinal earrings she got, because I never felt the need to change them. Also, earrings or no earrings, many people still ask if she is a girl or boy!?   :o

 ^^feeding the ducks made her so happy

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