Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hot day in the city (Arad)

     This was one of the last days we spent together in Arad before all of us left for Munich. We took a short walk with our friends, on the Mures river, enjoying each others company. Tried out the children's play area, walked on the new bridge going to 'Strandul Neptun' and snapped some pictures along the way.

     I can't help but feel all the feels about my hometown. There's some serious chemistry going on between us this time around. I love it in every season, you have a little bit of everything here, I felt inspired to do things, to read, to listen to certain people, certain music,  it made me feel young again, it made me hopeful and motivated for the future, makes me want to participate, to change, most importantly, my little girl's happiness just took over everything else and I couldn't help but see it as an amazing place to raise a family.

     Sure, there are plenty of things to improve. But this city has an amazing foundation and it's people are incredibly connected (in time of need).  It felt so good to be here... So good in fact that we decided to postpone flying to Abu Dhabi by an entire extra month and return to spend more time together in Arad until the end of September. But it was good bye for now and off to Germany...

^^our leisurely walk in the park

^^weeeeee! she loved sliding down

^^I almost can't believe I used to be little enough and remember walking on this exact have my daughter doing the same felt a bit surreal...
^^here's a collection of a family photo fail... I just thought it is simply hilarious... 

^^what is happening here?!  LOL

^^all the love in the world right here! 

^^lovebirds.... <3

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