Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fun and games

       I made it a clear goal to spend as much time outside as possible while in Europe. I mean, if we went to the sacrifice of being apart from Daddy, managed to escape the great summer heat in Abu Dhabi, we might as well make it truly worth it!

   We have fully achieved this goal for the summer. Parks, biergartens, playgrounds, teraces, you name it, we've been there!

     It was the absolute best observing our daughter take in all the nature and learn so much from her surroundings. Being able to provide her with such a diversity of settings made me feel like I won some sort of mom prise... her joy, laughter, cuteness and deep night sleep were clear indicators that I did good, she had a great time!

     One place that we gladly visited several times was the biergarten Zum Flaucher. It is near the Isar, close enough to our place, immersed in lush vegetation providing plenty of shadow and fresh air, has a playground and plenty of tables, good food (I mean, those giant brezn', mmmm!), great radler... We made it a spot to meet and hang out with a lot of family and friends while there and it was just perfect!

     Also, I must mention just how sweet and nurturing my mother in law is. I just love her so much, not only for raising 3 amazing men, giving me the absolute best husband, but also for the care and love she is showing me and my daughter. She is not one for many words, but she is always present and willing to give to us all. It was especially nice spending more time with her, bonding and enjoying our time outside!

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