Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Home in September

     Here's one of my last posts from being back home in Romania in September... It was such a wonderful time... I've mentioned it before, but it's worth repeating... There's no place like home!

     I took full advantage of my mom's support and willingness to take over my daughter and made sure I used that time very, very wisely. Soooo... I went to the cinema every other day and sometimes 2x in the same day... (I wish that was a joke... :D)

     Another way I was spoiled for good is with my mom and grandma's amazing food... I don't know if I will ever reach that level of kitchen confidence (is it too much to call it that?)...they make even the simplest things taste ahmazing!!  Sarmale, ciorba, chicken soup, aubergine salad, crepes, gomboti, the best bread in the world... Aaaaah! Delicious!

      I also keep with me the feeling of elation every time I saw the pretty skies colliding with the vast fields.... It's a sight of pure loveliness!

^^see? this is what i was talking about... Love this view!
^^ I know it's a very blurry picture but it captured such a cute moment of tenderness, as I was carrying my sleeping daughter...

^^ playing hopscotch like we're all kids again! :D
^^every sunset had a different story!

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