Saturday, October 1, 2016

This month...

I will:

* re-start my healthy lifestyle journey
* go to the beach
* go to the park 
* make a proper activity plan for our baby girl
* meet friends
* plan to-do's with our guests
* go somewhere new
* declutter and organise our things at home
* donate
* book my next photography worksop
* edit our videos
* keep creating content
* work on our collaborative blog
* finish working on my blog template
* take baby to a playground/organise playdates
* plan a trip
* cook more at home
* get a Dr. check-up
* have a date night
* go to the cinema
* meal plan
* read books with baby
* listen to new music
* analyse our expenses and try to spend less
* sort and organise toys
* stay in a hotel


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