Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Bucharest (part I)

     I almost can't believe I didn't post anything this month... and I had such nice plans for this space in the month of December.  :/

     What can I say? Time simply ran out on me!

      I am writing this from my mom's couch in Romania... We have just celebrated Christmas with our entire family, a ton of gifts, big and small, Santa was there to personally hand them to us. Today was a particularly happy day, as it snowed with big, fast snowflakes and we got to go play outside with a sleigh pulled by the car, had a snowball fight and even got to build a snowman before the rain (!) came and ruined our lives...  :D  But this is a story to share another day.

     Now I want to post about our quick stay in Bucharest a couple of days ago. It was our first breath of cold air this winter and although we arrived late at night, tired, after a very uncomfortable flight, first impressions were really up there... the city decked out in the prettiest lights and Christmas decorations was just magical!

     We were so happy to be there, feeling the frozen air on our cheeks!

     After long debate we decided to stay at the 'Cismigiu' hotel, as I always wished to stay there and the location could not be beat. So we found a good-ish deal on booking.com and now here we were! Let me just stop and congratulate ourselves for this one, cos it was an excellent choice. We had a really nice apartment- type room, with a big bedroom bed and a separate, spacious living-room, with couch and a table and a cute view...

     We only had one day to spend in Bucharest and considering we had a 2 year old with us we had to think through what we were going to do... Luck was on our side and our day was filled with sunshine! We walked up and down and all around the old center on Lipscani street. We chased pigeons and took many pictures of the beautiful buildings around, listened to street musicians, checked out the Carturesti Carusel library, headed back to the hotel with a sleeping baby for her nap.

It was excellent!

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