Friday, December 16, 2016

Happy 5th anniversary!

      5 years from one of the happiest days of my life... The day that set me out on the most amazing life-path I could have ever imagined... Years filled with love, laughter, travels, a family and the most wonderful memories... Looking forward to spending our lives together and cheering on to our future memories...  <3

^^ In Venice for a mini-getaway
^^ Salsa dancing in one of our favorite spots in Munich
^^ Quick travel to Istanbul
^^ Prague for my birthday
^^ A new year's kiss 
^^ Embracing my hometown in Romania

^^ From our wedding in 2012

^^ Honeymooners in Maldives...
^^ Stretching ourselves to Oman. In  August!! 
^^ Goats at the zoo
^^ Back in Munich, as tourists this time
^^ In the desert
^^ Loving every minute in our adoptive home, Abu Dhabi
^^ Mesmerising desert 
^^ Made a very important announcement
^^ Touring Romania
^^ With our little love-bug, the light of our eyes
^^ Feeling like teenagers at the Ac/Dc concert in Berlin
^^ She turned one in the glimpse of an eye... 
^^ A real vacation in Thailand
^^ So much happiness

Love you! 

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