Monday, December 5, 2016

This month...

I will:
* organize closet
* have a date night (or two)
* go to the cinema
* get a new camera
* have a photo-shoot
* go to a concert (hello Elton John!) (got postponed to January)
* decorate for Christmas
* bake cookies with Nalia
* book my next photography courses 
* set up an art corner and display Nalia's artwork 
* make smoothies at home
* watch old movies
* celebrate and keep traditions
* cook 'sarmale' 
* travel to Romania
* visit Bucharest
* Christmas gifts shopping 
* buy winter clothes
* meet friends
* take lots of pictures
* sort administrative issues in Romania
* be outside
* play in the snow
* build a snowman
* drink mulled wine
* make a 'to do list' for the year 2017
* focus on improving myself(impatient, judgmental, disciplined, procrastinator) 
* be happy! 


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