Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas, at home

     Christmas was a wonderful affair  this year. There is nothing that compares with holidays spent at home, with all your family around, lots of laughter and the truest happiness, gift giving, story telling, special moments shared with our loved ones, that we will remember forever! :)

     These are all photos taken with my new camera, but in the excitement of the moment I didn't pay enough attention to the settings so they are a bit on the orange side... That being said... Whooop!  Whoop! New camera!!!! :D

     We arrived from Bucharest that afternoon and only had time to change our clothes before the guests arrived. Then the fun began... We all got re-aquainted and then there was a knock on the door... Enter Santa Claus! :D

     Nalia was the main person of interest for Santa, but I must say, my 80 year old grandma enjoyed it the most!  :D

     Everyone thankfully received their gifts, it was a huge deal... Nalia wasn't easily convinced that Santa is one of the good guys, but she didn't shy away from receiving her preciously packed gifts! :)

    Opening our gifts was the most exciting part... there were all sort of reactions... laughter, shouting, disbelief, surprise, tears of joy and all around gratefulness. Our baby girl got so many gifts that it made her completely overwhelmed and made me to place a ban for the years to come... only one gift/family permitted!! :D

    I don't have any pictures of me opening my gifts, as we were making videos, but I can tell you really quick what I got... A MAC lipstick in Russian Red which hasn't left my lips since... A cute puffy cat blouse, the cosiest cardigan there ever was... angel statuettes to complete my little collection of angel figures, some money to put towards my amazing new camera and tickets to the Aerosmith concert in Munich in May! OMG!!! I was soooo happy about it all, but those concert tickets!?! Wohoooo!

     This year is totally a concert year!! We have Elton John in December, Guns'n'Roses in March, Aerosmith in May... I am over the moon excited!

     Goodness me! Did I forget to mention the amazing food?! We must have gained at least 3 kg the first week we were here!!! :D

    So yeah... this was our Christmas in a quick resume! :D Almost can't believe it's over!

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