Saturday, January 7, 2017

Do you want to build a snowman?

     On Christmas day we headed out of the city and to our surprise, what we found there was about 3 hours of pretty decent snow that we took fully advantage of before rain came over... And I mean sleigh pulled by a car on the white, frozen streets, a quick snowball fight and a wanky little snow man...

      Our little one hasn't really had much to do with snow in her life so far, they have only had a brief encounter on the street in Munich last year in February when we were there. Also worth mentioning that she was recently introduced to Frozen and is slightly obsessed with Olaf, so you should be able to imagine her joy, giggles and excitement when she could actually touch the snow and properly play in it!

     It was so quick, but so fulfilling for us, especially as we have all missed a proper winter season and for it to be exactly on Christmas day, it was just perfect!

     As soon as we were done putting our snowman together rain came. We had dinner, talked, played and drank mulled wine and by the time we were done most of the snow outside had melted...

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