Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter in Ajman

     As you might have guessed from the title... We have just returned from a lovely Easter weekend at Hotel Kempinski in Ajman.  It was such a great mini-vacation. We spent most of our time there at the beach or at the pool... took turns lounging in the sun and we went all out for the best massage ever!

      Although we didn't really have the egg-hunt tradition in Romania, I wanted to do something fun for Nalia, to mark the festivity, so I prepared eggs filled with raisins, dinosaurs, little toy necklaces and of course, chocolate and hid them as well as a few small toys in the garden at our hotel. It was so much fun to watch her through my lens , especially the part where she got her hands on the chocolate bunny... She didn't really have too many sweets until now (and I'm hoping to keep consumption at a minimum), but it was such a treat for us to watch her discover it in a proper way.

     She was thrilled, couldn't stop saying how she likes 'cloclate', supporting her statements with mmmm's and aaaaaah's... It was adorable! Opening those eggs kept her busy for 2 days straight and she actually guessed that there are dinosaurs inside before she even opened them... (we are reading all about dinosaurs and she is fascinated).

     It wasn't the traditional Easter that we would normally celebrate, but it was so special. Seeing this child grinning from ear to ear all day long makes the entire world just perfect...

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