Thursday, April 13, 2017

January visitors p2

      ^^ the Burj Khalifa is unmissable... 

 ^^ it never gets old...

 ^^ we went to the desert in one of the windiest, stormiest days. It made it even more special... 

 ^^ we've been pretty much regular customers at the Arabian Nights Village. Took pretty much every guest we've had over there. I developed a nice relationship with Francis, their reservations officer... 

^^ sand...everywhere. In our eyeballs too! 

^^ this here is the definition of seeing the glass half full... :D 
^^ she loves being around all animals! 
^^ and we were off! :) 

 ^^ from sand-stormy weather to perfect warmth... 

 ^^ such a special place, Dubai Miracle Garden

 ^^ posing like a true cool chick

 ^^ only in the UAE

 ^^ gorgeous!
 ^^ cool kids on the block 

 ^^ pure magic... 

 ^^ with a backdrop like that, you can call it a great vacation! :) 

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