Sunday, June 11, 2017

Spring in Romania!

      We were so excited to start our transit year (as I've been calling it ). We traveled to Munich, celebrated my birthday there with friends, visited the countryside, then we were off to Romania. I wrote many times about the joys of returning home. The comfort and familiarity are like nowhere else we could be...

     Our time here was very well spent... Lots of playground time, lots of outside time, playing football, going around with the scooter, pavement drawing, painting, etc. I, of course, took full advantage of my mom's willingness to babysit and reconnect with Nalia, so I used my time wisely, gym, cinema, concerts...

 ^^ she enjoyed being here so much!She absolutely adores our family in Romania and seeing her develop the cutest relationships with everyone is just the best! 

 ^^ pure tranquility and relaxation, fresh air, the young, green trees, the sweet sound of awoken bees, of crickets and birds roaming about, the taste of truly good, natural food... Just amazing! 
 ^^ she just cracks me up with her posing skills :) 

 ^^ a very sweet 'photo' smile :D 

 ^^ aaaahh... May cherries! 
 ^^ eating the cherries straight off the tree was such a lovely experience for Nalia and I loved how careful and concerned she was about spitting out all the seeds! :) 

 ^^ could barely take her away from the sweet cherries! 

^^ magnificent view to end our time there... Till Summertime! :D 

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