Tuesday, August 1, 2017

This month...

I will:

* get my hair dyed in a brighter colour
* research tattoo 
* go to the cinema
* go to the pool
* go to a concert
* improve at the gym
* take more pictures and videos
* print pictures
* finish Nalia's room
* return my attention to the blog
* try to be more creative
* study
* travel to Germany
* meet friends
* have a picnic
* go to a museum
* see the surfers in Munich
* dress better/nicer
* play more with Nalia
* take care of myself
* read parenting books
* be more comfortable in my skin
* get a tan
* celebrate my husband's bday
* plan a small trip somewhere
* enjoy summer 


P.s. I swear I can't understand how time went by this entire month. We are currently in Romania, enjoying ourselves quite a bit, being spoilt but I just didn't have the frame of mind to focus on this little space here... Will try to catch up and do a better job this month! :) 

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