Friday, December 1, 2017

This month...

 I will:

* listen to new music
* go to the gym
* eat better!!!!
* go to the beach
* meet our friends in Abu Dhabi
* finally, post on the blog
* shop at sales
* visit the Louvre in Abu Dhabi
* buy new boots
* finish Christmas shopping on time
* go to the cinema
* visit Abu Dhabi landmarks one more time
* take pictures
* get Lightroom&Photoshop and learn to use them
* ship our belongings to Europe
* go to Elton john concert
* travel to Munich
* buy a Christmas tree
* meet friends in Munich
* have some Glühwein 
* search for a home
* finish Christmas shopping o time
* celebrate Christmas
* travel to Romania
* meet friends in Arad
* celebrate the New Year
* be patient
* be kind
* be aware


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