Saturday, June 9, 2018

Bachelorette weekend

     Oh...these beautiful girls of mine... I never get enough of time spent with them! They are the best! Conversations are always flowing, they always have smart, insightful things to say and we, do we laugh so hard! :D

Friday, June 8, 2018

Life in the countryside

     I have previously spoken about the joys of visiting the countryside in Bayern and here's another one of those joyful occasions. It has been a while since we managed to visit our relatives. With our move and travels and fixing up our new place, plus getting re-aquainted with the beautiful city of Munich, we just could not find the opportunity to go. Until we did.


     Some time back, after a conversation with my friends about our fears and each of them admitting to be afraid of heights, deep water, airplanes, spiders or crowded spaces... I thought... hmmm... This isn't anything I fear. I think I have a very healthy stance when it comes to fearing my own death as in... I never ever think about it, I have no control over it once or ever, hence, I have no fear of things which may cause it...

      But here's something I do fear.

Friday, June 1, 2018

This month

I will:

* finish organising our closet
* donate clothes
* listen to new music
* go to the pool
* find an Airbnb for our trip to Köln 
* sell our extra Beyonce tickets
* travel to Romania
* find a kindergarten for Nalia
* get car maintenance
* take more pictures
* make regular posts on the blog
* clean up / organise photos on the phone
* eat healthy
* take vitamins
* find new age-appropriate activities for Nalia
* use film camera
* take things slow
* attend a beautiful wedding in Romania
* get a professional make-up
* eat ice cream
* stay positive
* go to the cinema
* spend time outside
* visit friends
* get a  mani/pedi
* go to the seaside
* have a photoshoot


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

This month...

I will:

* return my attention to this blog
* refresh the look of the blog
* make regular posts to keep up with our everyday life
* add finishing touches to our new apartment 
* find german language classes for Nalia
* have a picnic
* take more pictures
* clean-up / organise phone
* sell our extra Beyonce concert tickets 
* visit the kids art centre
* check out cafe bambini 
* meal plan
* keep our finances in check
* plan a photoshoot
* plan for our trip to Romania
* take Nalia to a kids show
* complete an Instagram challenge
* host a girls night dinner
* spend as much time outside as possible
* learn something new
* read
* pick some lilac
* discover the surroundings of Munich 


Sunday, April 1, 2018

This month...

I will:
* read 
* gather montessori ideas and supplies
* have regular daily activities with Nalia
* install light fixtures
* organize our clothes
* paint the blue wall
* organize bathroom
* change desk for a smaller one
* clear out all boxes from Abu Dhabi
* go to the zoo
* take more pictures
* post on blog
* print our pictures
* install prints on walls
* meal plan
* try to reduce plastic waste
* have brunch at our place with friends
* travel to Abu Dhabi 
* meet our friends
* go to the beach
* go shopping
* visit the Louvre
* spend time in the sun
* visit our favourite spots in Abu Dhabi


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Winter photo shoot

     Before winter ends all together I would like to share some of the pictures we took back in January  around Nalia's birthday. She turned 3 and we haven't had proper pictures taken pretty much since she was a newborn, so we went for it. I was really happy that one of the best photographers in my hometown had time to squeeze us in for a one hour session. I couldn't believe how much Nalia enjoyed it too and was so patient and natural all the way to the end. I was happy with the result and so excited to have some new pictures for our family album!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

This month...

I will:
* move in to our apartment (finally!)
* watch our budget for home 
* buy a couch
* paint the wall
* install our light fixtures
* paint the main door
* find a kindergarten for Nalia
* play more
* have my mom visit 
* eat well
* take vitamins
* buy more plants
* read
* take more baths
* grab the camera and take more pictures
* post on blog
* decorate for Easter
* get a new wallet
* be more organised and focused
* buy flowers
* go to the cinema

Monday, January 1, 2018

This month...

 I will:

* have our pictures taken
* work out
* visit Oradea
* visit train station
* have dinner in a nice restaurant
* buy a new coat/jacket
* celebrate Nalia's birthday
* make a plan for the new year
* stay hydrated 
* eat smarter
* take vitamins
* watch a documentary
* take better pictures
* travel back to Munich
* search and find a home
* search and find a kindergarten
* start homeschooling activities 
* read parenting books (!)
* find a good gym in Munich
* stay organised
* deal with relocation bureaucracy
* re-launch my blog
* make a proper blog-posting schedule
* find deals for house furniture and appliances
* listen to new music
* meet our friends
* make short trips around Munich
* find a good beauty salon 
* play more



      Oh my... It sure has been a while since I sat down to write a thought or two on this blog. I feel a bit guilty for not keeping up with it the past year, but in the same time I am giving myself some understanding. I got bored. I was not in the mood. I stopped using my camera. I had no time. I wasn't in the right state of mind. I was insecure. 

     I had no intention of stopping altogether, but the thought did cross my mind once or twice...  Or maybe not stop, but try something new. A fresh start. Then I kept going back and forth and ended up staying in the same spot. Still a bit unsure how this will go, but one thing is certain. I want to continue documenting our journey one way or another. Maybe I'll just spruce up the space and continue. Maybe I'll give it a new face and a new direction. I wish I could take it more seriously and be more straightforward in my posts. I definitely feel I can share ideas and some of the things I know. I can be interesting!

    At the moment I am sitting in my mother's den after a day of snoozing and mostly just switching horizontal positions... oh and we are still on a 'eating for fun' kind of state so that is still going on. I will probably hate myself at the next gym session. 

     The first day of 2018. It never ceases to feel like a fresh start no matter what the grinches of the world are saying. The 1st of January is never 'any other day'. It feels like you owe it to yourself to contemplate and reprogram. To set those new goals to chase for an entire 365 days. I am doing quite well with our tradition of writing down our goals and scratching them off at the end of each year. For me it's important to keep the goals specific, even if that means writing down smaller tasks. still, the sense of accomplishment when we manage to tick them off makes me feel 100%, so why not??! 

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