Monday, January 1, 2018


      Oh my... It sure has been a while since I sat down to write a thought or two on this blog. I feel a bit guilty for not keeping up with it the past year, but in the same time I am giving myself some understanding. I got bored. I was not in the mood. I stopped using my camera. I had no time. I wasn't in the right state of mind. I was insecure. 

     I had no intention of stopping altogether, but the thought did cross my mind once or twice...  Or maybe not stop, but try something new. A fresh start. Then I kept going back and forth and ended up staying in the same spot. Still a bit unsure how this will go, but one thing is certain. I want to continue documenting our journey one way or another. Maybe I'll just spruce up the space and continue. Maybe I'll give it a new face and a new direction. I wish I could take it more seriously and be more straightforward in my posts. I definitely feel I can share ideas and some of the things I know. I can be interesting!

    At the moment I am sitting in my mother's den after a day of snoozing and mostly just switching horizontal positions... oh and we are still on a 'eating for fun' kind of state so that is still going on. I will probably hate myself at the next gym session. 

     The first day of 2018. It never ceases to feel like a fresh start no matter what the grinches of the world are saying. The 1st of January is never 'any other day'. It feels like you owe it to yourself to contemplate and reprogram. To set those new goals to chase for an entire 365 days. I am doing quite well with our tradition of writing down our goals and scratching them off at the end of each year. For me it's important to keep the goals specific, even if that means writing down smaller tasks. still, the sense of accomplishment when we manage to tick them off makes me feel 100%, so why not??! 

     Here are some:

  • find a home in/around Munich
  • renovate & furnish our home
  • find a proper kindergarten 
  • read at least 10 books
  • continue my fitness journey
  • find a good gym in Munich
  • research and take the first steps to start my own business
  • invest more time in the blog
  • take better pictures
  • use adobe editing tools
  • organise all our photos
  • get involved in smaller projects to get a secondary income
  • take better care of myself
  • establish quality time for us 2 (date night)
  • surprise my husband
  • diy
  • play more 
  • travel or make small trips each month
  • take dance classes
  • eat smarter
  • make family videos / albums
  • watch more documentaries
  • only buy what is necessary
  • keep plants alive
  • meal plan
  • do a digital detox one day  / week 
  • unfollow people on social media
  • cook more at home and try new recipes
  • bake
  • keep a gratitude journal
  • learn  something new
  • keep track of our budget
  • go to sleep earlier
  • become a morning person
  • stretch more
  • use less plastic
  • learn to prioritise better
  • simplify closet / drawers
  • host dinners with friends and families
  • help people in need
  • identify fears and face them
  • do a better job at keeping in touch with friends and families
  • return to Abu Dhabi for a visit
  • invest more in experiences instead of things
  • be creative
  • work on being more patient
  • be present
  • choose to be happy


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